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Mark Foley Whatever one may feel about Mr. Foley’s antics or the Republican leadership’s non-response to it, it must be remembered that had the Democrats been in power at the time, and had one of their own been caught doing such a thing, the situation would have been nearly identical. The Democratic leadership would have turned the same blind eye to the activity until it was too late. Then they would have done the same dithering semi-denials that we have seen from the Republicans so far. The only difference would have been that the left-leaning pundits would be functioning as apologists and calling for treatment and mercy instead of blood. This would, of course, guarantee that the issue would stay in the headlines until Election Day. Thus dooming the prospects of most of the Democratic candidates running. As it is, the right-leaning pundits, at the very least, have enough wit to keep their mouths shut in the hope that it will go away soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I saw a very strange bumper sticker today. It said,”Frodo Failed! Bush has the ring!” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This sort of thing has been said before, but it bears repetition. The single most revolutionary or subversive act that one can commit is to create good art. That is to say art which forces the reader, listener, viewer, or whatever to reexamine some small portion of reality. From the reexamination come questions. From the questions can come the kind of answers that sew the seeds of subversion and revolution. Note that I am not advocating any sort of shooting war, here. The kind of revolution which will have lasting impact and benefit will be a revolutin of thoughts and ideas. As long as we are willing and able to question and challenge conventional wisdoms and that which is said to be “common knowledge” we will be able to grow as individuals and as a society. It is possible that you may wind up agreeing with those coventional wisdoms. But, how will you know if you don’t question them first?

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