Independence Day

Here we are on July Fourth, 2008 setting off fireworks and taking a day off of work. Some will take the opportunity to take a small day-trip to somewhere. Some will touch base with family. Some will set up the barbecue grill and get some good food going. Some will work in their yards or gardens (my plan for the day). Some will just relax and zone out in front of the TV. Whatever you decide to do with your day off, be safe and well, and remember why we celebrate this day. The United States of America, as we know it, exists because of the events of 4 July 1776 and the decade or so thereafter. It was an amazing and miraculous period of time in history (not just ours, but that of the world). While a certain amount of reflection on that time is nice, we also need to look forward to see what we can do to live up to the legacy that has been left us and make a few miracles of our own. Stephen Lee Rich

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