I am grateful that Ingrid Frances Stark is part of my life. She marks the second time in my life that I have found a soulmate. Many people never find one. I am truly blessed.

I am grateful that I am able to make a living in pursuit of my various passions.

I am grateful for friends, real and virtual. It is a miracle to be able to laugh, cry, joke, get crazy, and generally hang out with people close to you. I also, however, value my Facebook friends. The ongoing banter and debate always gives me dozens of new ideas to ponder when I logoff.

I am grateful for the existence of imagination. Without it the universe would be lost. It gives us our only chance to envision a life beyond our immediate, physical reality. Without imagination there would be no science, no philosophy, no capitalism, no socialism, no communism, no activism, no physics, no metaphysics, no quantum physics, no way to plan methods to improve our lives or our world.  It may be the most valuable thing that we have as human beings. It’s not so much that the imagination helps one to think outside the box. It’s that it helps one to realize that the box only exists in one’s imagination.

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