Frog Fight

Frog Fight No frogs were waiting on the front porch to greet Winthrop when he got home from school on Tuesday. The frogs had been there to greet him every day for as long as he could remember (given that he was only seven years old, however, that wasn’t a heck of a long time). Though he called and croaked for hours, no frogs came . Winthrop was very disappointed. Where were they? Why had they stayed away? Had he offended them? If so, how? He hadn’t called them any unpleasant names. He wasn’t even sure that there was any sort of unpleasant name which one could call them. They were, after all frogs. There had to be a way to get them back! Winthrop thought and thought. Myabe if he put out some food he could lure them back. Even frogs liked a nice gnosh now and then. But, he had no idea what kind of bugs frogs ate or how to catch them had he known. Wait a minute! Everybody said that Uncle Marvin was a little buggy. He could lash Uncle Marvin to the porch swing! That would help him to coax the frogs back! So, he went to talk to his uncle. Uncle Marvin said that he would do it. Everybody was right. Uncle Marvin was a little buggy (maybe a lot). Winthrop jumped for joy (but, only after he had scared up enough duct tape to lash his uncle to the porch swing). It worked! As soon as Winthrop had secured the last strip of tape to the swing, the frogs slowly began to return. Winthrop was ecstatic. The frogs were ecstatic. Uncle Marvin was very uncomfortable. None the less, they all lived happily ever after (except for Uncle Marvin, who died of warts). *********************************************** Facing Monday is still available.