Back to the Studio!

Here’s what’s up in a rather large nutshell! Sandy Andina and I have gone back into the studio to make TWO new CD’s. One will be an EP to be released this year in time for the Holidays and will be about the Holidays. We’re calling it “Merry Humbug”! it will feature Sandy’s wonderfully original Holiday song “Season Of Hope”, my satirical tirade on Holiday Commercialism “Buddy, I’m Just Sick To Death Of Christmas “ , and much more. The title track is a recitation from The Lizard. The other 14 song Andina and Rich CD doesn’t have a working title yet, but is scheduled for release early in 2013. Sandy has written a whole bunch of wonderful, new songs which just don’t quite fit into the Andina and Rich mold. So she’s hard at work on her second solo project. She plans to call the disc “Candy Apple Red Herring”. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten started on a couple of solo projects of my own. The full, 14 song CD, scheduled to be release in the summer of 2013, is being recorded under the working title “Reality Checks Shouldn’t Bounce”. I’m also working on a 6 song EP for release in the fall. My current working title for that one is “Free Range Sofas”. But, that could change at any time. Don’t get the wrong idea here. Andina and Rich is still a going concern. We will still have a pretty full touring schedule. However, Sandy will be undergoing knee surgery early in June. She will be out of commission until, at least, the end of July. I have done very little solo work in the last ten years and, to be honest, I’ve missed it. So, I’m taking Sandy’s convalescence as an opportunity fill that little void. All of the tour dates for my solo act and for Andina and Rich are on my calendar page. Check them out. We may be coming to a venue near you. More later. Be well. Steve

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